019 – Be the Squeaky Wheel – How to Get Your Ideal Clients to Notice You

Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast episode 19 - Be the Squeaky Wheel - How to Get Your Ideal Clients to Notice You

019: Be the Squeaky Wheel – How to Get Your Ideal Clients to Notice You


Are you tired of struggling to get noticed by your ideal clients? Tired of all those empty slots on your client calendar?  Not to worry! On this episode of the Growing Your Holistic Business podcast  I will share with you three simple things you can do that will help you get the attention of those perfect clients. Because before they can become clients you have to get yourself in front of them and get their attention. Start doing the three things I’m going to share with you today and not only will people notice you, they will be drawn into your world and want to work with you. Are you ready? Let’s grow! Continue reading

3 Surprising Places Your Ideal Clients are Hiding

Where are your ideal clients hiding? That’s the million dollar question, and looking for your perfect people can have you scrambling all over the place, trying all sorts of things, and struggling more than you have to. In this post I’ll share 3 surprising places where your ideal clients are, and show you how to reach them.

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#1  Your ideal clients are hiding in your email list

It’s true. Sometimes, we can’t see the abundance that is right in front of us. But the first place you need to look for your ideal clients is without a doubt your email list.

Your email list is full of people who have already said they are interested in what you offer. If you nurture the people on your list, if you love them up and share your best stuff with them, you will find that some of them want to go deeper with you.

Stay in touch with the people on your list. Educate them, share with them, make them laugh, make them cry, and occasionally offer them your services or products.

This is the entire reason for your email list in the first place – to have a sacred space for people to learn about you and what you do, for them to get to know you, to like you, and eventually to trust you enough to step forward and work with you.

#2 They are also hiding in your social media circles

You might not think it surprising that your ideal clients are on social media. What is surprising is that many practitioners don’t go deep enough on any one social media platform to really connect with people on a heart level.

Some practitioners treat their social media profiles as nothing more than extra large business cards, and don’t ever engage with the people they are trying to reach. All they do is post offer after offer after offer.

Other practitioners bounce from site to site, trying to be everywhere. In the process, they spread themselves too thin, and again, they are unable to make those deep connections that result in clients.

You certainly need to have a presence on the major sites, as well as any niche sites relevant to what you do, but choose one or two or three platforms and focus your efforts there. Learn how the sites work. Learn where people gather, and then join in, engage, and be seen as a helper and not a pesky marketer.

#3 Your Ideal Clients are also hidden among your peers

My wife Donna Marie is a psychic medium, and way back when she first started offering readings, I was surprised to discover that other psychics were coming to her for readings. I’m not sure why this surprised me, because Donna Marie and I have gotten many readings from many different people over the years.

But it only makes sense.

Healers need healing, coaches need coaching, massage therapists need massages… everybody needs help in one form or another! In fact, your peers might be where some of your best clients come from. As a bonus, because your peers are already in business, they are more likely to respond favorably to requests for testimonials, collaborations, or other opportunities!

The fact is, your ideal clients are everywhere, often hiding in plain sight. The key to finding those perfect people for your services and programs is to realize that it is not about you finding them at all!

No, your ideal clients have to find you. Yes, you have to put yourself in front of them, but no matter how juicy your offerings are, it isn’t until they grow to like and trust you that people will step forward and say YES!

So, nurture the people on your email list, engage and grow your social circles, and connect with your peers. Do that consistently and you will discover that your ideal clients haven’t really been hiding at all. They’ve just been waiting for you to shine your light a little bit brighter!

I’ve created a free checklist that will help you get in front of your ideal clients so you can welcome them into your world and help them on that path of knowing, liking, and trusting you enough to want to work with you. It’s packed with tons of ways that you can use to reach your ideal clients – powerfully and consistently. Just enter your name and email below and I’ll send your “Thriving Practice Marketing Checklist” to you right away.


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