GYHB012: Stacey Curnow on Purpose and Success

Stacey Curnow, the midwife for your life, on the Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast

GYHB012: Stacey Curnow on Purpose and Success

Your success and happiness in life are tied to your ability to tap into your true purpose.  My guest this week, Stacey Curnow, is a purpose and success coach who recently left behind a 20-year career in nurse-midwifery – helping women give birth to babies – to help women (and some very cool men) give birth to their BIG dreams. On  this episode Stacey shares how you can uncover your purpose and move in the direction of your purpose and dreams. Are you ready? Let’s grow!

Stacey Curnow – From Midwife to Purpose and Success Coach

Stacey CurnowWe all have big dreams within us, there is no doubt about that. The problem is that we push those dreams down, we let our negative self-talk keep us from pursuing them, and we literally keep ourselves from enjoying the happiness and success that could be ours if we allowed ourselves to connect with our purpose.

That’s where Stacey Curnow comes in. As a former midwife, she delighted in helping women through the childbirth process, but she realized that her true calling, her true purpose, was in a slightly different direction.

Her work now is all about helping you uncover your purpose and nurturing you through the process of giving birth to your big dreams.

In this episode of the Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast you will learn:

  • How to grow your practice, even if you’re not ready to jump in full time yet.
  • The power of ‘small chunks of time’ to aid your transformation.
  • How to dialogue with your inner wisdom.
  • Your challenges don’t happen to you, they happen for you!
  • And much more!

Stacey Curnow, success and purpose coach

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