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Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast with Bob Crawford

Woo hoo! Welcome to the Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast, the business and marketing podcast specifically for lightworkers, healers, and holistic practitioners who want to grow their practice in an authentic and heart-centered way.

Do you want to escape the pushy, hypey, in-your-face kind of marketing that seems to be everywhere today?  Then you are in the right place!

This is the podcast where you will discover a different approach to creating a thriving practice. One that let’s you be true to who you really are, and that let’s you get your message and your unique gifts in front of the exact people who need you.

Growing a holistic practice can be a richly rewarding journey.

But it is easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated along the way, especially by all the conflicting traditional marketing advice floating around out there.

You’ve just found a better solution.

Each episode of the Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast is full of tips, strategies, and practical, heart-centered wisdom to help you attract more clients and make more money in your practice.

You’ll also meet some awesome practitioners, from a wide variety of modalities, who come on the show to share their journey, their challenges, and what worked for them.

Check out an episode or two. I think you’ll enjoy it.


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GYHB000: Introductory Episode of The Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast

Episode 000 of The Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast

GYHB 000: Introductory Episode – What to Expect

What the Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast is all about.  In this episode I share a bit about my experience in the holistic field, talk about being married to a psychic medium, and share some valuable resources. Coming episodes will feature authentic, heart-centered business building strategies, enlightening interviews with thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs in the holistic field, and much more!

In this episode of The Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast you will learn:

  • How Growing Your Holistic Business began
  • A little about myself…
  • I introduce my wonderful wife, Donna Marie
  • Plus I share a free gift – yours just for listening!


Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Give a listen, and be sure to leave a comment about today’s topic. I’d love to hear your thoughts. In fact, I love feedback and appreciate your help in making this a better show.

Keep Growing!


Bob-headshot-240x300Bob Crawford is a holistic business coach, helping members of the holistic community take their practice to the next level by attracting more clients and making more money, while still remaining authentic and heart-centered. Learn more at:


GYHB-007: Your Words Attract – How to Write Your Way to a Successful Holistic Practice

Your words attract - How to write your way to a successful holistic practice.

GYHB 007: Your Words Attract – How to Write Your Way to a Successful Holistic Practice

Are you using just the right words to attract more clients into your practice? Do you dread writing articles and blog posts? The words you use, whether on your website copy, your blog posts, your marketing, or even in your social media use, all have a tremendous impact on your prospective clients and customers. On this episode of the Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast you’ll discover the impact that the words you choose have on your business, and I’ll show you some simple ways to supercharge your writing to become more client attractive!
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