Grow Your Email List Using Gift Giveaway Events

Are you looking for a simple way to add tons of new people to your email list? Giveaway events are an easy, low effort way to joint venture with other people in your field to create more exposure for you and your business, while getting lots of new sign ups for your list. In this post you’ll learn how to take advantage of this little-known list building secret, so you can get in on the action and get in front of your ideal clients.

A giveaway event allows you get your offer in front of hundreds and thousands of new people, people who might not have heard of you yet. It’s a type of energetic alliance or join venture, where you pool your resources with other business owners.

Free gift giveaways have been around for a while, and they use the principle of offering something of value in exchange for a visitor’s name and email address. This is the same strategy that I and most other business coaches recommend. I urge all of my clients to have some type of free offer on their site to entice visitors to sign up to learn more.

Using a free offer on your site works great at increasing the number of visitors who sign up for your list. A certain percentage of people who visit your site will be enticed by your free offer and subscribe. But that number is always limited by the total number of visitors to your site that see your offer.

Here is a link to a giveaway that I am a part of right now:
The Divinely Connected Biz JV Giveaway

Free gift giveaway! Claim your free gifts now!

Claim your free gifts now!

Go ahead and click the link and check out the program. You’ll discover that there are hundreds of practitioners sharing their free gift offer with you.

You can take as many free gifts as you want. There are ebooks, special reports, videos, audios, meditations, and much more.

This particular giveaway is geared toward spiritual entrepreneurs, so most of the offerings have a holistic theme.

When you are done grabbing free gifts, come on back and we’ll talk about giveaways and why you should include them in your marketing mix.

All set? Great!

There was a lot of great stuff to choose from, wasn’t there? I know, it’s a good one. In fact, this is the second year that I’ve participated in this giveaway.

So you might be wondering just why so many practitioners would join together to share their free gifts, and the answer is simple:


Gift giveaway events, like any other energetic alliance (jv), allow you to grow your own email list by tapping into the email lists and social influence of other practitioners in your field.

Here’s how it works. When you join a giveaway event, you provide a link to your free offer. So does everyone else who joins. Then, you promote the giveaway event to your list and your social media channels. So does everyone else.

Let’s say that the event you are joining has 100 participants. That’s 100 free offers. When you promote the event, the people on your list will love you for hooking them up with all these free offers.

But here’s where the magic happens. At the same time that you share the event with your people, the 99 other participants are also sharing it with their email lists and their social media channels. All of their people will now be exposed to YOUR free offer.

Your free offer is now being promoted to their list! Many of their people will wind up signing up for your offer. It’s a win-win-win! You benefit by growing your list. The other participants benefit from growing their list. And the people on your list benefit from all the amazing free stuff you’ve hooked them up with.

Gift giveaway events are a great way to get lots of new exposure, without a lot of work. Once you join an event and set up your free offer, all you have to do is promote it like you would any of your other content. Easy. Just the way I like it!

Leave a comment and share your experiences with gift giveaway events. Have you tried them? Did you get good results? What else would you like to learn about giveaway events?

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