How to get more LIKES on your Facebook Page

Do you want to know how to get more likes on your Facebook page? There are a couple of core strategies that can help you get your page in front of more people and start getting more engagement. You’ll learn them and more in this recent livestream I shared on Facebook.

Your Facebook Page is the Key Element of Your Business Presence on Facebook

Facebook pages have lost a lot of their sparkle lately. Organic reach is way, way, down from where it used to be, and that’s mainly because FB wants you to pay for advertising to reach your ideal clients. But even without using paid ads there is still a lot that you can do to boost your biz page on Facebook.

Because your page is important. It’s the one place on Facebook where you can go all out about your work. So in this livestream I share with you my favorite strategy for growing your FB page. Specifically, how to get more likes on your Facebook page.

It’s the same strategy that my wife Donna Marie used to take her page from 900 likes to 4200 likes in a year. When you average it out, that’s about 10 new likes each and every day. Which may not sound like a lot, but that’s consistent growth.

But here’s the kicker… as more and more people start interacting with your page, Facebook begins showing your content to new people, which drives engagement even higher.

Watch the video and learn how you can start growing your page too!



Takeaways from this Video

Here’s what I hope you get from this short video…

  • Find groups where your ideal clients hang out
  • Be of service in those groups – like, share, and comment on other people’s stuff
  • Post without promoting and when you do post, and it’s allowed, share from your biz page into the group
  • Have a call to action – ask for comments, thoughts, ask a question, ask readers to affirm a statement

When people do react to your posts you need to follow up…

  • Use the tools FB provides – invite everyone who ‘reacts’ to your post to like your page
  • Every comment on your post deserves a reaction from you

As you grow you’ll discover what types of content gets your unique audience to engage with your posts, and you’ll build momentum.

Of course there are a ton of different ways that you can connect with your peeps, so I’ve created a free checklist for you! This will help you get in front of your ideal clients so you can welcome them into your world and help them on that path of knowing, liking, and trusting you enough to want to work with you. It’s packed with tons of ways that you can use to reach your ideal clients – powerfully and consistently. Just enter your name and email below and I’ll send your “Thriving Practice Marketing Checklist” to you right away.

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Bob-headshot-240x300Bob Crawford is a holistic business coach, helping lightworkers, healers, and other spiritual entrepreneurs learn how to attract more clients and make more money, while still remaining authentic and heart-centered. “Because growing your practice should be as fun and rewarding as the work your were called to do!”


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