Love Your List Month – Grow Your Email List by Giving Great Content

Because February is Love Your List Month, I thought it appropriate to dive into one of the biggest fears people have when trying to grow an email list.

Aside from all the techy stuff surrounding email list building, the biggest challenge I hear time and time again from practitioners is the fear of giving away too much content. I guess the fear is that if you give it all away for free, you won’t have anything left that people will be willing to pay you for.

But I’m going to show you how that isn’t really true, and how sharing your best content will help grow your email list and ultimately attract new clients or customers to your business. Continue reading

Grow Your Email List Using Gift Giveaway Events

Are you looking for a simple way to add tons of new people to your email list? Giveaway events are an easy, low effort way to joint venture with other people in your field to create more exposure for you and your business, while getting lots of new sign ups for your list. In this post you’ll learn how to take advantage of this little-known list building secret, so you can get in on the action and get in front of your ideal clients. Continue reading

Email List Marketing – How to Grow Your List in an Authentic Way

Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast with Bob CrawfordYou know you need an email list, but are you growing your list in the right way? Unlike some things in life, when it comes to email list marketing, size doesn’t matter! It’s all about the quality of those people on your list. On today’s show you’ll discover the truth about email list size and we’ll talk about the right and wrong ways to grow your email list using heart-centered and authentic methods. Continue reading

Holistic Business Coaching – Outer Circle Call Replay

events-coverEach month I hold an open Q&A call for any holistic practitioner who wants or needs help attracting more clients, making more money, and creating more freedom from their business.  I don’t usually post the recordings, but the call this week was a great one! There is a lot of info in this call that you can apply to your practice to change the results you are getting. Because I know that you will benefit from listening to it, I have decided to share it Continue reading

How to Build a Big Email list for Your Holistic Practice

How to build a big email list for your holistic practiceDo I really need an email list to grow my holistic practice? This is a common question that comes up again and again. The answer of course, is YES! In this week’s video I’ll share with you some of the top reasons why you need to build a big email list for your holistic practice and then show you how you can build your list while remaining authentic and heart-centered. Continue reading