022 – To Swear or Not to Swear

How Your Language Defines Your Success

Episode 22 of the Growing Your Holistic Business podcast - To Swear or Not to Swear

022: To Swear or Not to Swear – How Your Language Defines Your Success


Do you use ‘colorful’ language in your business? Do you think your choice is helping or hurting your growth? On this episode of the Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast I’ll be talking about the growing trend of practitioners and coaches using swear words in their public presentations and marketing – and why I believe choosing to use those words and phrases should be a big no-no for heart-centered practitioners.

And don’t worry, like every single previous episode of the podcast, there won’t be any swearing in today’s show!


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Can You Spot the Huge Marketing Mistake in this Ad?

Sometimes we make a marketing mistake in our message that pushes people away rather than draw them in.  This is one of those times.

The marketing mistake in an ad

Are you making this mistake in your marketing?

Did you find it yet? It’s a common problem that shows up in many different ways. It’s what I call a ‘mixed marketing message’.

I’ll give you a hint… it’s in the copy on the phone.

If you look at the phone, you’ll notice the header of the signup page on the phone says “Daily Nutrition Tips”, but the copy below says, “Sign up for weekly tips!”.

Which leaves me confused and with a couple of questions. Am I signing up for weekly tips or daily tips? Maybe I’m signing up for weekly tips, but you are going to trick me and email me daily? I’m not sure. As I said, I’m confused.

Which is the last thing you want your people to feel when they are engaging with you or your marketing!

Confusion leads to indecision, which leads to a lack of action. Confused people don’t sign up for things and they certainly don’t buy things.

This obvious mixed message stood out like a sore thumb to my eye.

This example of a mixed marketing message is from Aweber, my email service provider. On their log-in page they rotate various ads and promotions, and this particular ad showed up recently. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even glance at it the first few times it showed up. I already use their Atom app, (which let’s you add people to any of your Aweber email lists right from your smartphone, and which is great for live events and workshops!), so I didn’t really pay attention to the ad.

But then the other day I actually paused before logging in and read the ad.

I was a little surprised to see Aweber making this common marketing mistake in their advertising, but on the other hand, I know that identifying a potential mixed marketing message can be difficult.

But a mixed message can really hurt your marketing efforts.

In this case, I’m already a loyal customer, so I’m not going to leave Aweber just because they made a marketing mistake. They just made a poor choice in the opt-in example they chose to use in their ad.

The bigger lesson, and the one that applies to you and your practice, is the opt-in itself.

Close up of the marketing mistake in this Aweber ad.Imagine that same opt-in offer on a website. Imagine it on your website.

Take out the word nutrition and substitute it with a word from your modality. Maybe you don’t offer nutrition tips, maybe you offer exercise tips, or wellness tips, or meditation tips, or energy clearing tips.

The result is the same.

It doesn’t matter what you put there in place of nutrition, because the mixed message comes from the words ‘daily’ and ‘weekly’. They don’t match, which interrupts the flow of the message. And anytime you disrupt the flow of the message you are trying to communicate to potential clients or customers, you are putting roadblocks between you and your desired outcomes, as well as between your clients and their desired outcomes.

Mixed marketing messages show up in many ways.

In this example, the mixed message is in the form of the words, or copy, that is being used. But it can also show up in other ways too. Here are a few of the more common ones.

  • Broken promises. Integrity is everything when it comes to growing your practice. It will make or break you. If you tell people signing up for your list that they’ll receive x,y, and z, but you only give them x and y – that’s sending a mixed message.
  • The tone of your message. If you come across as friendly and down to earth in your emails and postings, but then when you try to sell your services or products you find yourself speaking in an entirely different way – that’s sending a mixed message.
  • Inconsistencies in your website appearance. If different pages of your site have a different look and feel than the others – that’s sending a mixed message.
  • Social presence. Mixed marketing messages show up here quite a bit, especially when your social persona – the image you put forth through your profile, pictures, and postings – doesn’t match the image you present through your website and email.

If you want to grow your practice, avoid sending mixed marketing messages.

There are people out there who want and need your special gifts and talents. The best way for you to reach them and help them learn to trust you enough to hire you or buy from you, is to be super consistent in all that you do.

In fact, your marketing should be so consistent that no matter where people find you, whether they stumble across a post of yours on Facebook, or they visit your website, or they follow your Instagram feed, or they attend a class or workshop with you, the image they have of you is the same.

The more consistent your message is, in all the many forms that your message takes, the less likely it is that you’ll make this marketing mistake in your practice – and the more likely people will be to jump into your world!

I’ve created a free checklist that will help you get your message out there in a big way. It’s packed with tons of ways that you can use to reach your ideal clients – powerfully and consistently. Just enter your name and email below and I’ll send your “Thriving Practice Marketing Checklist” to you right away.


Bob-headshot-240x300Bob Crawford is a holistic business coach, helping holistic practitioners and other heart-centered business owners create a thriving practice by learning how to attract more clients and make more money, while still remaining authentic and heart-centered. Learn more at: www.growingyourholisticbusiness.com

The Secret Power of Dreaming BIG

Are you creating BIG dreams in your life? Are you going after those really big goals? Or are you settling for your lesser dreams, for your lesser goals? There is a power of dreaming big dreams that can transform your life – if you let it! When you tap into the secret power of dreaming big, you will find it easier to reach all your goals, both big and small.

I’ve discovered that one of the key elements that sets achievers apart from the crowd is their willingness to go after their big dreams, to not be happy just reaching their small goals.

The power of dreaming big!

Don’t get me wrong, small dreams are important too! After all, small dreams are what make up most of the change process in your life.

But if you are not going after your big dreams and desires, you are shutting off a huge part of your manifesting ability and you are making it harder for yourself to manifest or create even those smaller changes that you want to make.


The problem is one of belief.

Belief in yourself and in your abilities.

You see, either you believe that you can change or you don’t.

To your inner self there are no gray areas in this equation. You either believe that you have the power to change, or you don’t believe it. Your inner self sees all change for what it really is, without the emotional attachments and other garbage that your conscious mind adds to the mix.

If you believe that you can change, then to your inner self there is no reason not to make any change that you decide on. Any change. The size of the dream does not matter, the complexity of the dream does not matter, and the time frame of the dream does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you decided that you want this dream to manifest in your life.

Once you say ‘yes’ to a dream your inner self goes to work, looking for ways to bring that dream into reality. This is the start of the manifesting process, your decision to make your dream a reality.

But that is only part of the process. After you decide to manifest a dream and your inner self goes to work, your beliefs come into play. Your mind looks at the beliefs you currently hold and tries to determine whether you believe this dream is a possibility or not.

Two Choices

There are only two choices. Either you believe you can change or you don’t.

If you do believe that you can change, you will be more inclined to listen to your inner voice and follow the guidance that it gives you. You will be more willing to take action and more willing to look for opportunities.

On the other hand, if you don’t believe that you can change, you will have a handful of excuses and reasons not to take action on your dream. You will find plenty of things to blame for your struggle, and no shortage of things to complain about.

This is a fundamental truth that you probably already know, that your belief about your abilities pretty much determines your abilities. The stronger your belief, the stronger your ability. The weaker your belief, the weaker your ability.

This is true of every belief, especially your belief in your ability to change and to manifest your dreams.

How strong is your belief in your ability to change? Let’s find out.

Just happy bubbles!Here is a short quiz:
1. Do you believe that you can make small changes in your life?
2. Do you believe that you can make big changes in your life?
3. Do you believe that you can totally transform your life?

Unless you answered yes to all three questions you can expect to struggle harder than necessary to achieve your dreams.


Because unless you believe that you can reach a dream, your inner self has no reason to continue to move in that direction. Remember, your inner self has only one way to know what is important to you – it looks to see what you are focusing on.

So, if you decide on a dream, and your inner self whispers its guidance to you… but you ignore it, or talk yourself out of taking action on it, you are telling your inner self that this particular dream doesn’t matter anymore.

This chips away at your belief bit by bit. Every time you think about your big dream, but don’t take action on it you make it a little harder to believe that you can make any change at all. At the same time you are creating a gap between your beliefs and your actions, and that gap has to close. If you don’t raise your actions to the level of your beliefs, you will find your beliefs coming down to be in harmony with your actions.

This is what causes so many people to give up on their big dreams. They can’t stand the frustration, frustration caused by their own hand.

Commit to Your Dreams

You see, it’s not the little dreams that give you trouble, and it’s not the big dreams either. What gives you trouble is being indecisive about any dream. When you are flip-flopping back and forth about a dream or about your ability to achieve that dream, you have no manifesting power. You are not focused in any single direction long enough to make an impact on your life.

But when you commit yourself to all of your dreams – both big and small – you are reinforcing your belief in your ability to change. That is where your manifesting power kicks in.

Don’t be wishy-washy about your big dreams. Decide that you want a thing or not. Then move toward those things that you do want.

It is your big dreams that will set you free and unleash your full potential.

How big are your dreams?

Bob-headshot-240x300Bob Crawford is a holistic business coach, helping holistic practitioners and other heart-centered business owners create a thriving practice by learning how to attract more clients and make more money, while still remaining authentic and heart-centered. Learn more at: www.growingyourholisticbusiness.com

Be Authentic – Make More Money

Be Authentic - Make More MoneyThere is one simple way to make more money in your holistic business, one that hasn’t changed very much – even though the way much of the world does business has changed dramatically since the onset of the online marketplace. I’m talking about being authentic. When you come across as being authentic, you naturally draw to you just the right clients and customers.

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