1 Small Tweak to Keeping Your Online Presence FRESH!

Don't let your biz look outdated!

Now that the new year is here and you are back in the swing of things after the holiday season, it is time to do a quick check to make sure that your online presence is nice and fresh, and doesn’t seem outdated. In this post you will learn the one small thing that you must do to keep your business from looking like yesterday’s news. Continue reading

024 – 5 Power Tips for Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

5 Power Tips for using Facebook Groups to grow your business.

Are you using Facebook groups to grow your business? On this episode of The Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast I share 5 powerful tips to help you maximize your exposure and get better results for your efforts from playing in groups. Continue reading

Marketing Mistakes – Comment Bombing Other People’s Posts on Social Media

Don't comment bomb other people's posts!

Social media can be a wonderfully productive place to market your services… if you approach it from a heart-centered place and you keep yourself in the light! Unfortunately, there are a lot of marketing tactics out there that are not so heart-centered, and the truth is that some of them can do you and your practice more harm than good. In this post I’m going to talk about one of those tactics, ‘comment bombing’. We’ll look at what it is, and what to do if it happens to you. Continue reading

3 Ways to Improve Your Email Opt-in Process

Don't ask for too much information!

No matter how irresistible your offer is, you still need a good system in place to walk folks through your email opt-in process and welcome them into your world. Unfortunately though, some people who are interested are going to get lost along the way. For a variety of reasons some people won’t ever make it onto your email list and won’t ever see your content. Here are 3 ways you can improve your email opt-in process and make sure that the experience is as easy and as rewarding as possible for your new subscribers. Continue reading