3 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Holistic Business

3 ways to use social media to grow your holistic businessAre you using social media to grow your holistic business? More specifically, are you using social media in a strategic way to attract more clients to your practice? Social media sites can be an excellent source of new prospects and clients, but can also be a huge waste … Continue reading

Be Authentic – Make More Money

Be Authentic - Make More MoneyThere is one simple way to make more money in your holistic business, one that hasn’t changed very much – even though the way much of the world does business has changed dramatically since the onset of the online marketplace. I’m talking about being authentic. When you come across as being authentic, you naturally draw … Continue reading

How to Grow Your Holistic Business Quickly

Growing Your Holisitic Business QuicklyAs a heart-centered practitioner, you want to grow your holistic practice quickly, but you don’t ever want to seem pushy or ‘sales-y’ as you try to attract new clients into your business. It can be hard to align yourself and your sacred work with things like ‘selling’ and ‘marketing’ and all the other things that traditional … Continue reading