Are You Playing BIG? Or Hiding in Your Own Shadow?

Play big!Are you playing BIG in your practice? Or are you hiding behind your own shadow and letting your success and happiness slip away from you? Here’s a truth about the holistic field that will positively impact the way you look at your work and help you take your practice to the level you imagine when you dream about your future.

That truth is this: To get to the next level in your practice you have to play bigger than you are playing now.

The biggest challenge you will face when trying to grow your business isn’t all the techie stuff. It’s not your marketing, it’s not your website, or your logo, or your branding. It’s not even about your skills. The biggest challenge that you, as a holistic practitioner, will have is getting out of your own way and learning to play BIG.

Playing BIG might scare you. It did me at first. You might associate playing big with doing things you don’t want to do, or becoming someone that you don’t want to become. But deep down inside, you know that in order to grow you are going to have to change some of the things that you are doing now.

This creates a dilemma. On one hand, you want to grow. You want to attract more clients that you can help with your unique gifts and skills. You want to make more money, and you definitely want your practice to provide you more freedom and time to spend as you wish. But on the other hand, playing big seems like it would take more work and leave you with less time in the end.

I call this ‘hiding in your own shadow’. You see, I know that the light burning within you wants to be free to grow and shine brightly. When you hold that light in, when you hold yourself back from being the most exquisite version of yourself, you are essentially hiding in the shadow of what you could become.

Step out of your shadow. I believe that you came here, not only with a purpose, but also with the means to express that purpose. Each of us does. You were drawn to this work because of that purpose and it is only when you step up and embrace your light fully that you will experience the peace and happiness that you are looking for. Because more than the clients, more than the money, it is the happiness and fulfillment that you are really looking for.

Your assignment: Start today! As funny as it sounds, playing BIG can start by making small changes. Decide that today you will be a little bolder, a little braver, and a little more willing to play a bigger game. Those small changes have a miraculous way of snowballing into massive results that will transform not only your practice, but your life!

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