Attracting Success in Your Holistic Business

attractsuccessSuccess in business, especially in a holistic business, isn’t always measured just in dollars and cents. For many holistic practitioners, the success of their business is also measured by things like the amount of fulfillment they feel, the level of freedom that their practice provides, and how their business fits into their overall life. No matter how you define success though, no matter what you really want your holistic practice to provide, you can get better at attracting the exact results you want.


Aligning With Your Desired Results

The only way to truly get the results you want from your holistic practice is to align yourself with those results. You know this is true, but like all of us at one point or another, you might be finding it hard to actually stay aligned with what you want long enough to see those results become a reality.

I know that it can be hard to maintain a positive attitude and stay in the flow when you are struggling. I also know that there are plenty of challenges that can draw you off track.

  • Does your business takes up too much of your time without giving you back the results you want?
  • Is your business pulling you in too many directions at once?
  • Are you confused about what you should be doing to get more clients and grow your business?
  • Do you even have enough clients to start with?!

The challenges you are facing in your practice all stem from a lack of alignment somewhere in your life. There is a gap between what you say you want, and the thoughts and actions that you are actually living. The bigger that gap, the more obstacles you will find in your path, simply because you are not attracting to yourself those things you say you want. You are attracting to yourself and your business more of the gap – more of what is missing.

This is Manifesting 101. You attract that which you focus on the most. The problem is that if you are like me, (and most holistic business owners), you can lose sight of the basic principles of attraction. It is easy to get caught up in all the different aspects of your practice and to begin focusing on things that don’t necessarily help you produce the results that you want – but that seem necessary to run a business.

In order to align with the results that you want from your practice, you need to be clear about what those results are. I recommend writing down what you want. Do you want more clients? More free time? More money? Once you know what results you want, then you can create a plan that will allow you to manifest more of what you want.

Having a step by step plan, like the one you create in the Growing Your Holistic Business Coaching Program™helps you focus on the really important things you should be doing to move your business forward. Things that are authentic and that are truly in alignment with the results you want.

Once you begin thinking and acting in ways that are in alignment with what you want from your holistic business, you will find yourself attracting more of it. The key is to have a plan that keeps you on track and keeps you focused on what you want – and not on what you don’t! That’s why the heart-centered strategies in the Growing Your Holistic Business Coaching Program work so well – everything you do is aligned with your vision of your ultimate practice. You learn how to create an authentic marketing message that draws the right clients into your practice, you learn how to step up and become seen as a leader in your field, and you learn how to maximize your income potential by looking at programs and packages and look for ways to create passive income from your practice. Click here for more information about the Growing Your Holistic Business Coaching Program.


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