024 – 5 Power Tips for Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

Are you using Facebook Groups to increase your exposure and get yourself in front of tons of new people? If not, you should be! On this episode of the Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast I will share with you five powerful tips that will help you get better results, be seen by more people, and increase the engagement you get from Facebook groups.

5 Power Tips for using Facebook Groups to grow your business.

024: 5 Power Tips for Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

In this episode of the Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast you will learn:

  • Why you need to take advantage of Facebook groups
  • The different types of Facebook groups, including the ones that welcome your promotions and ads!
  • The one thing (that most people don’t do) that can easily help you maximize your efforts in groups
  • And much more! 


Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

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Bob-headshot-240x300Bob Crawford is a holistic business coach, helping lightworkers, healers, and other spiritual entrepreneurs learn how to attract more clients and make more money, while still remaining authentic and heart-centered. “Because growing your practice should be as fun and rewarding as the work your were called to do!”


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