021 – Glow and Grow with Dr Ellen Albertson

Glow and grow with guest Dr. Ellen Albertson

021: Glow and Grow with guest Dr. Ellen Albertson


On this episode of the Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast I am delighted to welcome Dr. Ellen Albertson, better known as the Glow and Grow Coach! Dr. Ellen is a bright light for women who are ready to overcome issues with self-confidence, body image, and midlife turmoil.

She’s an expert on women’s well-being, and she’s here today to not only talk about issues like self-confidence and body image, (which also affect men too!), but to share a bit about her own journey of overcoming some of these challenges and how they helped her shift not only her life, but her coaching practice as well.

Dr. Ellen Albertson – The Glow and Grow Coach


“Let go of who you think you are supposed to be, and embrace who you are.”


Finding your place in the world and deciding to be happy there is something we all struggle with at various points in our life, and one of the things that Dr. Ellen said on this interview really strikes deep into many of those pain points.

“Let go of who you think you are supposed to be, and embrace who you are.”DrEllen IMG_1318 final 3x4 web

You don’t have to struggle with self-confidence. You don’t have to struggle with your body image. You can transform those parts of your life, and Dr. Ellen can show you how. She teaches women how to harmonize the dance of their lives with the song in their hearts, and flow with grace, beauty, and ease.

It’s a great interview, and you’ll want to keep a pencil and paper handy because Dr. Ellen shares a lot of brilliant insights!


In this episode of the Growing Your Holistic Business Podcast you will learn:

  • How to increase your self-confidence so that you can step into the fullness of the life you envision
  • How to get into the flow of your life
  • How vulnerability can be transformational
  • And much more!
The Glow and Grow coach

The Glow and Grow Coach

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